Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm in love with a monkey!!

Coral Reef focal

Coral Reef Necklace that started it all!

Yes you read that right! I'm in love with a monkey named Beady Monkey! I found her while browsing the supplies section of Etsy looking for unique beads. How unique are handmade beads made out of horn, with beautiful paper on top and a glossy resin finish? VERY!! I ordered a set of beads with a coral reef theme and she threw in a few freebies which got me started!! When my beads arrived I squealed with excitement! Well not literally but I was in awe, thought they were super cool. Immediately I started thinking about my designs with her super cool beads for my shop Impress 2 Bless (you can read about it more here).

These are my designs:

Hey Chickie Bracelet (the chic is a Beady Monkey bead)

Nature Girl Bracelet (bird focal)

Coral Reef Earrings

Coral Reef Bracelet

So check out her shop for unique beads and one of a kind jewelry!! You'll fall in love too! Check out her blog as well for other fabulous things.


  1. Oh wow! You are so talented! A bead can be pretty on it's own but it takes real talent to make it into art like you have. Thank you for all the love and I shall send it right back with a hug!

  2. These are beautiful, Aimee!!! I would wear any of these. Gorgeous work!


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