Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burgh Baby: The Biggest One Day Contest EVER

Burgh Baby: The Biggest One Day Contest EVER

The Biggest One Day Contest Ever!

Hi all,

Just read about this wonderful contest but a bit too late. It was to help out with the Flight 93 Memorial fund. Here is her original post on 9/11. I WISH I had seen this sooner because I would have donated something for the contest! OH well, I'm telling you about it now. Go to Burgh Baby's blog and enter to win some amazing prizes!!

You only have a little time left! Make it count!! Good luck all!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Pumpkin Patch

Monday, September 22, 2008

This & That

Well we had a wonderful weekend. We took Lorelei for her very first horse ride. He was a miniature horse named Willy and he was at our local orchard. We took her there to go on a wagon ride, get some cider donuts and apple cider and look at all the pumpkins. The horses were a bonus. She loved every minute of it. Such a brave kiddo at 20 months old.

Got some bad news this morning, my gym is closing at the end of the week. Now what? I was just getting into going again after we were all sick for a few weeks. Off to another gym, again. I was bummed. I was clueless to when I walked in even though everything was off the walls and it looked empty, duh! I wasn't awake it was 6 am.

Just joined Suzi Blu's class, Les Petites Dolls and so far I love it. I'm way behind everyone else but I really wanted to take it and was thrilled when I found out I could still! These are some of my sketches.

I'm also taking Paulette Insalls, Organic Dimensions Background class. I'm working on 2 canvases for that. I am totally loving that class as well! Trying out new techniques and I'm super excited as far as art goes.

So that's my update for now. Off to watch Heroes with the hubby!

Night all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Frelighsburg, Quebec

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog-i-versary Winner!!

Thank you to all who entered my little Blog-i-versary contest. I received a lot of great ideas for this next coming year. Thank you!! In case you can't read the graphic (sorry, I realized it was too small) the winner is Grandma Betty!! She had the idea of doing bookmark sets which is a wonderful idea, why didn't I think of that???? Anyways Betty let me know which season to send you and email me with your address and I'll get it out to you this coming week!

I will be doing more giveaways soon so be sure to keep reading and you can enter another one! Thank you for making this fun for me. I really appreciate all of my readers, new and old! Again never hesitate to get in touch with me if you'd like a commissioned piece or have another great idea for me!



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The simple things

I'm just simply amazed by my sweet daughter Lorelei. She's my ultimate daily companion, my little mini me, my ham, my girlie girl, my dare devil, my little lover girl. She is my world. She is constantly WOWING me on a daily basis. OK so I am gushing about my kid, so what you know you all do it! ;) She is my joy and I just love how the littlest thing that would have never caught my attention ALWAYS catches hers and she stops to ponder and take it all in. I can't even walk 2 feet in my weed covered yard without her stopping to pick an "ow" (flower), even if it's a dead one. She sees a rock and it EXCITES her. She see's rainwater left over in the dogs bowl and wants to SPLASH! She seizes every moment! If anything she has taught me to enjoy the simple things every day. I need to stop and slow down and really see what is around me and take it all in and enjoy it. I need to be happy even if it's raining out or the house is dirty because I've been too busy playing with her or creating art. My ultimate job on this earth is to keep her happy, safe, LOVED ... ALWAYS. I write this as a reminder to myself and to others who need to hear to slow down and ENJOY the simple things.

This picture is so fitting for this post because she was thrilled to be sitting in this big cushy chair at April Cornell with her new bear and her always close companion Mr. Moose and a lemon cookie that they gave her. This is a moment of pure joy and probably my newest favorite shot of her!

What inspired this is this entry by Chrysti.

Take time to enjoy the simple things today.


Blog-i-versary Giveaway!!

Hi all,

I've been noticing that other blogs I follow have BLOG-I-VERSARIES! Yes that's right my blog will be 1 years old on Friday Sept. 12th!!! I'm glad I realized that because now you have a chance to win one of my Season's Speaks series as a thank you for following me and for all the support you've shown me.

The winner will get to choose which season they want. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. They are all 5 x 7 prints and will be signed and dated by moi!

To win all you need to do is:

  1. leave me a comment about what you would like to see me do this year artistically. I need some challenges.

  2. post a link to your blog about my giveaway.

  3. wait with baited breath and see if you win!!!

I will announce the winner on Friday!

Thanks for entering and Good luck!!



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Daniel Lim

Image © Daniel Lim of Fawn Fruits Art Farm

This is a post written by Daniel Lim. I fell in love with his art yesterday which I found on Facebook. This is a super neat story and I thought people would like to read it. You can find more about Daniel from his website. Check out this wonderful artist!

About 1000 Drawings

I love Jesus. I've been thinking a lot about ministry in the arts. Most of the christian art sites are just that, christian. Its good but that label in itself is sort of like a barrier for the non-christians. I am a christian and I love talking about what Christ has done for me.

Recently, God has given me the opportunity to come up with the 1000 drawing project. I went to 2 top schools in the nation (Art center and School of Visual arts). After getting my BFA and MFA in the Illustration field I fell into depression. Something inside me made me really not like the work that I was doing as a freelance Illustrator.

Long story short, I lost all confidence in my work. Rent was piling up and I had no where to go. I just knew that I loved to draw but couldn't find a way to make money by drawing something that I liked. It got so bad that I ended up spending 2-3 months looking for ads in Craigslist. Well after missing an appointment for a powerpoint job, thank God, I realized that my calling was not here.

I got on my knees and asked God, "What do you want me to do?" With rent pounding on like a 1000 bricks, He told me, fight back with a 1000 drawings. It was there and then that I decided to lay down everything, all my pride and fears and trust in God. I stopped looking for jobs on the web and took up my colorpencils and pastels.

I started the project not knowing where it was going to take me. After announcing it on myspace, i got a few people who were interested. My first drawing sold about a day after I posted it up. You don't know how much that meant to me...A struggling artist who doesn't have anything, a 100$ is so much money.

Most people think that I'm doing pretty well right now. Well, as God as my witness, I'm still struggling but in a good way. I'm finally doing something that I love to do. Come on, I get to wake up and draw! I used to complain that my illustration jobs only gave me 500-1000$.... well, I never do that anymore. Each $100 I get, i'm so thankful.

I think my next step is to give back to the One that has given me so much. I'm not much of a evangelical, can't really talk about this stuff in person but I think this is the least I can do. I pray that this testimony touches some of you and if anything, just remember that there is someone that loves you.


Friday, September 5, 2008

When Art Meets Pendants!

Hi all!

I'm so excited to tell you about a new collaboration I'm doing with Lori at BeadsnBaubles4u. She contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I'd like to collaborate with her for making some pendants. She makes these adorable scrabble tile pendants and wanted to put some of my art on them. She asked for 4 or 5 of my designs and she has 2 listed at the moment. This is the first one she did!! I'm so excited to see these! I may grab some of them myself!! I think she's only making 1 batch so snatch them up when you see them because they may be the only one! Check out her great shop when you get a chance!!!

I'm also working on some new pieces in my spare time which isn't much so be on the lookout for those when you get a chance.

Have a beautiful day!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Bright Pochette Spotlight

Hi all!

Just wanted to showcase a new wonderful Etsy shop for your viewing and purchasing pleasure! It's called My Bright Pochette but don't be confused because that is just the shop name. The link name is http://www.itsinthebagdesign.etsy.com. I am pleased to share this shop with you because it is my very own talented Mother-In-Law's shop. She makes these wonderful, adorable purses called Pochettes!! She uses 100% Duoppioni silk and very pretty trims and beading for each bag. They are all handmade by her. To see more about these wonderful purses check out her shop and add her as a fave if you heart her! She will be adding more to the shop soon, I know because I'm her shop manager so to speak! LOL Please give this newbie some Etsy lovin!!

In case you're wondering about the private auction for "The Beautiful Pirate", well nobody bid at all so she is back up for sale in my shop. Needless to say I won't be doing another one of those unless specifically asked. I didn't feel the love at all! :(

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day in the states yesterday!

Until later!



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