Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another cool giveaway!!

Hi all,

I've been discovering a lot of new artisans out there and happened to see this on someone's Facebook today! Check out this great giveaway, the prizes are awesome too!! I LOVE her jewelry!

Enjoy, go enter and good luck!!

BTW still looking for my art mojo!!!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Spontaneous Getaway!

The Wheaton Kissy Face Pose - we're starting Lo early

Hi all,

Life has been very crazy for my family this past year and we decided we would try to go to Florida to visit with J's family and his visiting family from CA and TX. We looked up tickets to go and lo and behold (hear the heavenly choir singing?) we purchased tickets for $29 each way!! Our RT tickets were $60! INSANE!!! How could we resist at those prices! So we just got back from FL for a week vacation full of fun places, lots of swimming, family and friends!! I know I've been missing in action for quite some time but I hope this post will keep you coming back! I still haven't recouped from my Nana's passing, my art mojo seems to have left with her. I hope it comes back soon. I need my creativity, it's what has gotten me through the last rough year. I'm happy to say things at home are back to normal and we are all a happy family again and this vacation really showed that to me. We had a wonderful time down there and didn't want to come back to NY. Some of the highlights were, Downtown Disney, stay at a B & B in St. Pete overnight, Sea World, Butterfly Encounter and daily swimming!!! Lorelei got to play with her 2 cousins, aunties and uncles and friends. I can't wait to go back possibly in the Fall. Here are some photos of the trip! And please if you've seen my art mojo BRING IT BACK TO ME!!!!

Sea World waiting for the dolphins

Here they are!

La Veranda B & B in St. Pete - Great Place!!!

Lo and I feeding butterflies

Lots of hugs!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Who doesn't love a party?

I am participating in the giveaway!! I am giving away my original mixed media piece called "A Little French" in this birthday bash! My giveaway will be on the first day of the bash! If you like this piece then go to the party that day!!

Check out all the other great people participating!

Taken right from Tip Junkie:

Can you believe it? Tip Junkie is turning 2 years old and will be converting from .blogspot to Dot Com!

Not just yet, I'll be debuting the new fabulous make-over on Monday, June 15th.

You know I'm always up for a party, so let’s celebrate with birthday bash! For 5 days I’ll host 50 giveaways with amazing prizes June 15th - June 19th.

The Going Dot Com Birthday Bash will be hosted like a giveaway carnival with 10 prizes given out each day. Here are the amazing Mom-preneurs who are participating:

Monday, June 15th:

1. Eclisse Creazioni's
2. Baby Dipper
3. Bibs & Cribs
4. Bead Blossom Design
5. Heritage Makers
6. Charming Gifts
7. Angi Stampin' Up
8. Prarie Mama
9. La Bella Jewels
10. Mazer Designs
11. The Celebration Shoppe

Tuesday, June 16th:

1. Baby Chacha
2. Little Darlin Designs
3. Chubby Baby
4. Cherry Blossoms Baby
5. Angel Face Designs
6. The Vintage Pearl
7. Elegant Celebrations
8. Pixisette
9. Every Little Detail
10. Semiprecious

Wednesday, June 17th:

1. Chic Covers
2. L Herbert Designs
3. Chelsea Vantol
4. Tickatoo
5. Imagine Childhood
6. Me Oh My Paper Boutique
7. Staker Sensations
8. Buzz About Baby
9. Venezie Bags
10. Petit

Thursday, June 18th:

1. Nikki Michele
2. Whitney Caroline Designs
3. Sweet Baby Cake
4. Inspired by Jenna
6. Mine Own Book
7. Fifi Flowers
8. Daisy Craft
9. Doodle Design Shop
10. Sugar Sweet Baby
11. Sweet Funky Vintage

Friday, June 19th:

1. Scrappy Design
2. Polka Dot Paisleys
3. Inspire Your Walls
4. AJ's Bowtique
5. Simply Shell
6. Sweet Mady's
7. Studio JK
8. Shabby Straps
9. Dream Custom Artwork
10. The Baby's Bundle


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