About Me

Aimée  Wheaton has been a creative and professional graphic designer and visual artist for more than 14 years. Her love of art began when she was a young girl where she explored the use of bright colors on painted rocks and bottles. At the age of 18, while at Youth With a Mission, located in Texas she realized that she wanted to become an artist. 

She later went on to pursue her education at Florida Metropolitan University, where she learned about traditional methods of design, including mechanicals, illustrations, and film. After her two-year of studies she earned a degree in commercial art, where she immediately went on to design forms and checks. She continued her education at SUNY Plattsburgh where she earned her Bachelors degree in Fine Art with a minor in Graphic Design. Her time at Plattsburgh was also special for a life-changing trip she took to Paris, France. During this trip, she described the history and background of famous paintings in detail, where she was touted her as a “future curator.”

Upon graduation, Aimée  moved to Orlando, Florida, where she worked at a newsletter publishing company. In this position she expanding her experience as a graphic artist as she designed multiple full color brochures and newsletters, but a few years later she decided to become a freelance artist and opened her company Mazer Design. During this time she also expanded her skills as a graphic artist through educational programs at Photoshop World Orlando as well as Photoshop World Miami. 

With a return to Plattsburgh, New York Aimée began to rediscover her true passion as a mixed media artist. Her current work features a whimsical and colorful artist who combines traditional aspects of art with several different mediums such as watercolors, pencils, collages, wax, ink, paints, paper, buttons, and whatever else strikes her fancy.

Aimée’s digital work has been showcased in Mac Design and Photoshop User Magazine, both highly respected industry magazines. Additionally, her art has been featured on EBSQ, a self-representing artist's website. She is also a successful freelance artist where her art was recently showcased at an art walk at the Lily Pond in Plattsburgh. She currently sells her art on Etsy.com and CafePress.com, as well as cross promotions on Flickr, Facebook, & Twitter. Classical and modern artists including Klimt, Picasso, Monet, Magritte and Lichtenstein have inspired Aimée in her art. Along with her wonderful husband Jason and their  beautiful daughter Lorelei, Aimée continues to develop and grow as an artist.


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