Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I made a bunch of jewelry last night with earthy themes. I do try and reuse old broken jewelry parts when I can. There was definitely a color theme last night, blue and green and I didn't even realize today was Earth Day till this morning. I know I'm bad with dates. Today is my brother Nathan's birthday, wish I could see him he just recently moved all the way to the west coast! Happy birthday Nate!

On a side note I will be offering some eco-wallets and bags in my shop soon made by my lovely Mama. These are so cool and I've been using my wallet for about a year now and I still get compliments every where I go. Look for them soon!

These are my latest offerings and remember this is jewelry with a purpose of helping others in need.


  1. You've been awarded the sunshine award: by

  2. I'm an avid earth tone beader, love the greens in the necklace. I found some beautiful beads including a nice shell pearl bead @ Hope you like them.
    <3 Sara


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