Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OK I'm putting this out there!!!

I'm overweight! According to the Wii I'm OBESE! YIKES! What a horrible word! I've never been called that before! How rude! Well it was rude enough to get me to act on it! With all the sickness going on in the world right now I've decided to quit my gym membership and not bring my daughter into the germfest that is the gym and bought myself a Wii! I am going to work out at home for at least 30 minutes a day using my Wii and various fitness games on the Wii. I will do more than 30 if time and toddler allows but I am saying this right here and now that I am going to commit to 30 minutes a day! I NEED to lose this baby weight - she's going to be 3 (how ridiculous!) and I need to feel good about myself again! Want to join me??? I've started a group on Facebook and will be logging in daily to keep up with it. I need others to help keep me motivated and I'm sure you need it too. Along with working out I am doing the Low Carb diet and cutting out sugars and white flowers as much as possible. If this sounds good and fun to you please join me!!! I'm having so much fun with the Wii it doesn't even feel like working out but I am breaking a sweat!

Some great workout games on the Wii are:

Wii Fit with the balance board,
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum
EA Active

and I'm sure there is more.

So join me your OBESE friend and let's get rid of this weight!!!


  1. hey girlfriend...I'm overweight too...and I'm happy to have joined your Wii facebook group...let's give each other encouragement okay? It's sooo easy to just say, "I'm tired today, or I don't feel well" so I'll skip it. I've got many health problems including heart problems so I NEED to lose weight NOW. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Weird...we must be on the same train. I need a buddy. I posted last month about the same thing and have some videos we're editing to post of me doing my Wii analysis, too. I cried. BUT knowing I have a new buddy helps. I qualified as obese, too. First time in my whole life except after having my son. YIKES.

    Let's get this party started!


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