Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goals and a Giveaway!!!

I'm a big goofball and needed a laugh! LOL

I don't know about you but I could use a giveaway for all my sweet readers. hmmmm. Any takers? More about the giveaway in a bit. This post is all about goals. I have had a lot of goals in the past that haven't happened due to my laziness or poor planning. Being a mom has taught me that I need to properly plan a day otherwise things just will not happen that you want to happen. I've decided to take that to the next level with my art. My art came about from being bored during the long Northern NY winters we have here. It ignited a passion in me I didn't even know existed until really this past year. I found my niche in Mixed Media and I'm not looking back!!!!! I think it's from all those years of using Photoshop at my old job doing graphic design that did it. Why? Because in Photoshop you use layers to build your compositions and that's exactly like mixed media. I just LOVE it and I think it comes naturally to me because of my previous graphic design experience.

Art = Life to me right now. It makes me happy inside. Lately I have heard that from a lot of people who like my art, it makes them feel happy and that in turn makes me happy all over again! OK so I rabbit-trailed a bit. I'm sorry. Anyways what I was getting at is I'm taking my goals to another level with my art. This year it is my goal to get my art published in at least one publication!! I would love to be in one of those fabulous Somerset Studio publications any one or my favorite Cloth Paper Scissors, I don't care which!!! That is my goal. I'm realizing I'm not making art now that I think people will want to buy, I'm making art that is coming out of my soul. This is helping me with my goal because I have been getting some great exposure lately. I think it helps to say it out loud too!! I have a mental goal list that I plan and hope to accomplish this year. Have you done that too? I think it helps to keep me on track, I probably should write it down.

One of my other goals is to simplify! My art is all over the place and now that I've found my niche I need to simplify my shops. I think I'm getting out of the bookmark biz and may do a sale of those. I am also going to discontinue prints that haven't sold in a year except for a few special ones. Gotta keep it simple and clean!

Last but not least is the never changing lose weight goal! UGH! Seems like it never ends. I am on track though and started the South Beach Diet last week and LOVE the food. So we'll see how I do on phase one and if I'll continue but man it's a struggle!! I know I'm not alone. I'd love to look like this again!

The goofball that I am! This was after losing almost 40# and before Lo.

OK on to the FUN part! The giveaway!!!!

(Part 1) I would love to hear your goals and aspirations this year. What are you planning on doing and how are you going to accomplish it? (Part 2) I'd love to know which of my art is your fave whether it be style, medium or actual piece. This will help me when I'm cleaning up and simplifying my shops!

The prize will be the ENTIRE set of my Bistro series!!! Yes all 4 prints which I normally sell for $40 as a set. These are so great together and would make a colorful addition to your home and hopefully make you really happy!!!!

But wait!!! That's not all folks, for just a little write up on your blog announcing this or if you become a follower of my blog I will throw in a print of choice to you if you're the winner! You can pick another print that you want, any print!! Just let me know that you've done either or both. Also make sure I have a way to contact you. I will leave this giveaway open for a week. Next Sunday I will pick a winner at random using the integer generator. I hope I've brought smiles to everyone's faces today.

Thanks all for your support, kind words and blog love! I truly appreciate it!

Aimée AKA Mazer


  1. part 1) my goal is like yours, I need to drop some poundage :)

    part 2) I can't pick just one as a fave, they're all dundertastic :)

  2. My goal this year: Well, about three years ago I realized I really need to finish my degree. I dropped out of college in my early 20s, and went to work. I realized that it was important to finish.

    So, my goal this year: Finish my BS in Public Relations. I've been going to my university since Fall 2007 and I'll be graduating this December!

    As for my favorite art - I actually really like mixed media. I enjoy the textures and the unusual uses of items.

    And I followed your blog! I also added a post about you to my blog -

    Melody ( :)

  3. Well I have several goals now. I am trying to get through graduate school to be a librarian, and just finished my 1st year. 2nd goal is to get married by August w/o going crazy and moving to CA. 3rd is the weightloss. I joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago so I am working on my food intake as well as being more active.

    Pt. 2: Wow. I dont know which one I would pick. The sample you have up looks really cute, mainly because it is simple and cute! It has a bit of the french look about it. Can't quite explain it. Its elegant and adorable at the same time. :)

    my email is I plan on adding you as a book mark in the next few mintutes. Actually one of my friends is going to use Etsy to sell her handmade diaper bags-She loves to sew like a madwoman when she has time from work or not taking care her 1 year old son or husband. :) Or her many rabbits.

  4. Ok Aimee! Here is my goals for the remainder of this year:
    I plan to return to college (Empire State is where I plan on going) and work towards my social work degree. I have an associates degree so they tell me that about a year and a half and I should have my BS in social work so I want to begin that process this fall. Secondly, I want to at least have set a wedding date by the end of the year and hopefully some of the planning (depending on when I decide the wedding will take place)!
    As for what is my favorite piece-I can't really pick one! I have especially really enjoyed your latest pieces so it would probably be one of those ones that would be a favorite. However, ANY of your work is a pleasure to view, to own and to show! I have a couple pieces of your work and I greatly enjoy them. One I gave to my neice as that was the purpose of that purchasing (one from your sale to benefit Happy Children's Home). My neice loves it!
    I am posting your link on my facebook and I am a follower already. I am a HUGE fan of yours! Keep creating as I LOVE seeing your new pieces! : )
    Donna Paton

  5. Wow you have a great body work. All really beautiful. It's all so lovely in it's own right. My goal is to have a body of work as big as yours. I have given up on the weight loss thing replacing it with healthier eating and moving more....which seems impossible when art is so sedentary!! I want to have some prints made....organize a line of cards to sell and write a kids book.

    Personally I think marketing is more what you should do rather than diminishing anything already done...I also see you as a children or adolescent book illustrator, or doing magazine or covers. I think it's important for art to come from the soul. You could do commission work. I think it's a matter of getting your stuff out's all so beautiful!!!

    If I went to a summer art festival and walked by your stuff if would be extremely difficult not to buy something of yours. It's all so appealing, it would come down to the colors that matched with my decor, things I am personally attracted to, and whether I have a good place to display it...but that's just me.

    Just look at your art with different eyes. Think who would my art appeal to, where would it look best, (homes, cafes, daycares, and which rooms)and how do I get to those people?

    I know this isn't the question you asked, but it was my thoughts as I meandered through your wonderful pieces. Which by the way I loved. I am sorry I rarely comment, however I read you on my google reader!! Happy Mothers day to you! Good luck with your goals...

    Hugs Giggles

  6. 1) My goal (actually our goal) is to become debt-free by mid-summer. We're working hard to get there!
    2) Your art is all so interesting, but my favorite is everything under Illustration Friday. I like the whimsical!
    I also just signed up as a subscriber. Fun stuff!
    Chrissy at knittoday(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. Alright --- GOALS are good!!

    *goal 1... fix the front porch-- or pay some one too.... it is settling.. and i dont want a big mess on our hands

    *goal 2 Lose 80 lbs-- that is the first time I have admited HOW much I need to loose~ ouch!

    *goal 3- make our baby-- we both have fertility issues, and well... to make a baby here we need money for treatments!!


  8. Hello Aimee,
    Good's my response:
    1) goals: spend more time creating art, more effort in selling, and just getting seriously entreprenurial (hope that's spelled right).
    2) Your art: we've talked about how your art (& mine) is spread about on the style spectrum...but I really like your current "dress" series....really a lot. And I like your birds & birdhouses. Colorful mixed media is totally in your wheelhouse.

    And who doesn't wanna lose weight....i just took off about 15-20 and would like to lose 7 more...we'll do it together!

  9. my goals this year are to buy a house, lose 5-10lbs, pay off debts.
    my fave print is The Extremely Twisted Tree!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  10. My goal this year is to lose more weight. I would also love to pay off a few bills and get on track.

    I like The Merry Heart - Giclee Print


  11. Hello Aimee!

    Hmmm...goals. Well, losing weight seems to always be a goal of mine, so that's definitely one of them. Getting my courses done to apply for nursing school is another, and finishing a lot of my projects that I've started but never finished! (UFO's (unfinished objects) as I call them!)

    My all-time favorite of your art is my "I hope you dance" canvas, but I am also loving your new dress series as well! I love the mixed-media look!

    I've been getting inspired reading lots of different blogs and am considering actually faithfully maintaining one! I'll let you know if I do! ;)

  12. Hello Aimee,

    I just dropped by to congratulate you on your Renee Award. I love your photographs. You obviously like to have a lot of fun and those paintings rock!

  13. Aimee-as I read through your list of goals I realized I haven't written back to you yet on something we talked about recently! My bad! I will do that this week and hopefully it will be of some help to you.

    You and I are a lot alike, I feel like I could have written this post! As far as your art style, I like all that you do, I thin that for me, if you are looking to simplify, perhaps just continue to work in series, making 5 or more paintings or collections of pieces and it will help you organize your thoughts, work and art supplies as you work in those collections-clean up and then go on to the next grouping.

    Goals this year--I want to do a few more publications, another art show and organize my financial world so I can work towards becoming an independent artist!




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