Sunday, May 17, 2009

And the winner is ....

Lucky number 13 which was Jodi Ohl!!! Congrats Jodi! You've won my 4 Bistro prints. I will be contacting you shortly Jodi! You all need to check out Jodi's art!! She's fanta-bu-lous! Jodi is also on the same Etsy team as I am. Metsy (mixed media etsy). You can search Metsy on Etsy and every artist on the team's work will show up.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for entering this giveaway!! I learned so much from your responses and got a lot of great feedback. Thank so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help an artist out! I truly do appreciate it.

I have already started the clean up process in my shops. I'll no longer be offering bookmarks regularly but may throw some in every now and then. I've also taken out the prints that haven't sold in a super long time. I am going to refocus my energies on series and OOAK pieces. I hope that helps a bit.


I also wanted to thank those of you who have been praying for my Nana. She passed away this past week on the 13th of all days which was her birthday. This is what I wrote the night it happened.

Just wanted you to get the feeling of Nana's surroundings tonight. I am just now getting home. Nana died peacefully tonight and was at peace and surrounded by her children. I left about 15 minutes before to head home with my Dad and Becky. I am relieved but really sad at the same time. I loved this woman more than anything in the world. God was there it was evident in the peace in the room, also the view from her bed was of God's wonderful creatures. We were joking that Nana was Snow White because all of these wild animals were at her window or close to it. Chipmunks playing, squirrels, a badger, 2 young deer, rabbits, various birds. I am not kidding one bit. The animals were all there and not scared at all. The hard part was when 2 cardinals landed on the bench near her window. Cardinals were Nana's favorite birds and were with her at the end.

Again thank you all for your support and blog love!


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  1. what i beautiful and moving story. sounds like your nana was a real blessing. my heart goes out to you today.


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