Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's official!

We're on our way! Well not literally yet.

I'm sure you've noticed the sound of crickets here on my blog for quite some time. I've missed blogging but haven't had much to say or share for a long while. My studio has been packed up for months! Well we have been diligently working on fixing up/staging our house to get it on the market. Today was the day it was officially listed. Nervous? A bit. Excited? Yes! We're moving back to sunny Florida and we are super excited! We've lived in Upstate NY for the last 6 years but things changed rapidly for us. Most of my family up and left town and either moved to Seattle, WA or various places in FL within the last 4 months. I have one sibling who will still be in the area with his family and it's going to be so strange for us all to be missing. I am sad to leave them and my sweet niece and nephew. Getting together is going to require much coordination on all ends once we're all in our new places.

Change can be good but it's also been hard. Hard to leave loved ones and hard to say goodbye to friends. NY was a fun ride while it lasted. I watched my brothers get married, I learned how to ride a motorcycle, have my license, owned my own bike, have traveled to NYC numerous times on whims, bought our first house, had a baby, became an aunt, found my passion in art and even exhibited locally and in NYC, made new friends, enjoyed seasons and so much more. I will NOT miss slush, snow, taxes, our dinky little mall, the crazy Quebec drivers, the lack of healthy restaurants. I know we were hear for the right season and we're moving on to a new one. Pray for us on this new journey, wish us luck as well. When we're all settled again I will FINALLY unpack my studio and begin creating again! I miss it!!!


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