Monday, February 8, 2010

Bad Girls Challenge 9 Wood Blank

Seeing all the leftover Christmas decorations at Michael's got me started on this project. I think I paid 11 cents each for the silver leaves and fillers on the tree. This piece has lots of depth because of it. First off I knew I wanted to use some of my tree images I took a few years back to help the background pop. {1} I painted the 12 x 12 piece of wood with gesso to get rid of the brown of the wood and so it would have more tooth. {2} When that was dried I did an image transfer (I wanted to do my own tutorial for you but ran out of time, I do apologize) using Golden't gel matte medium with my images. Gel transfers are super easy you just have to have patience for them. Spread a layer on where you want to place the images you're transferring in my instance the trees. Place them face down onto the gel medium and let it sit overnight, make sure it's smooth and even. {3} The next day you will take your spray bottle and completely drench the paper (images) and start peeling up the layers of paper and you'll have the image left on the board! I didn't have the entire bottom of the trees so I had to draw and colors those in to blend so it looked real. I used my general's pencil as well as the caran d'ache neocolor crayon. {4} Once the board was dry I painted on a thin glaze of Payne's grey acrylic blended with the golden glazing solution. This is better then diluting it with water, gives it a more consistant layer. Payne's grey always reminds me of winter, it's bluish gray and perfect for this piece. {5} Once that had dried I gave the board some texture or snow as I call it. I created the main tree base with the light molding paste, I spread it on with an old burnisher to make it uneven and have ridges. I also added some to the bottom of the board for snow piles. Let this dry, if it's thin it will dry fast if it's super thick let it dry overnight. {6} Once dry I started ripping apart the Christmas ornaments, they are all on their own wires so I could bend them and place them where I wanted. I started layering them using the clear glue. Let that dry flat and overnight. {7} Next take the bridal garland and start snipping off the pieces you like and place where you like on the tree or below with glue. Let that dry. {8} Add some glue to the areas you want to glimmer with glass and sprinkle on the glass flakes. Let that all dry. {9} Next comes the embellishing, I used and opaque white pen to draw swirls all over, I added the snowflake pendant/charm to the tree so it dangled, I added the Jolee flat snowflakes placed with glue. Next I took the green distress ink and went around the edges of the quote. Lastly I placed the bird. Both the bird and quote were glued with the gel medium and glazed over with it. Once that was dry I traced around it with the sketch n wash pencil. Voila you have a gorgeous winter scene! Super easy!!

What you'll need:

12 x 12 Wood blank (purchased at Michael's)
Golden Gel Medium Matte
Print out's of trees for background (will be used in image transfer)
Golden Light Molding Paste
acrylics ( I used Golden's Payne's grey, white), also used Claudine Hellmuth's light blue paint
Jolee's (snowflakes)
snowflake pendant
Christmas decorations (all the silver and leaves in the tree) they were on clearance at Michael's.
Bridal wire garland for the white flowers, heart and clear beads
White glass glitter for the shimmer on the snow (glass flakes)
Distress ink in green for around the quote
favorite quote
bird printout
clear glue
Caran d'ache Neocolors for the tree colors, chose sepia
General's sketch n wash pencil
White opaque gel pen
foam brush
Golden glazing solution
spray bottle of water

Official Rules:

The winner of this challenge will receive a $20 Gift Card to shop like a Bad Girl in the Bad Girl Shoppe! Be sure to leave a blog comment here first!

Three Rules to Follow:
  1. Follow the challenge guidelines exactly
  2. Post your project in the specific "Project 52" gallery with the title "Challenge #9 - Wooden Blank" before February 27th Midnight Pacific Time
  3. Link your layout to the Challenge #9 Thread in the Project 52 forum


  1. Super easy?! For an artist like you, yes:)
    Wonderful the way you give step by step instructions!

  2. dantabulous project, so dreamy!!


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