Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2nd Annual - It's my birthday but you get the gifts giveaway!!

Hi all!

As some of you know next Friday is my 36th birthday and I'm not dreading it like I was last year! I'm looking forward to it for some strange reason and you all can look forward to some fabulous gifts from some wonderful sponsors! YES that's right GIFTS! I'm giving away things, some are mine to give, others are donated from some wonderful Etsy shops and artist friends. You can start entering by midnight tonight and I will stop the comments on the morning of the 9th. Here's the list of the generous sponsors:

Becky Hilgendorf - 5 Original Art Cards

Amanda Makepeace - Original Frog ACEO

Mindy Murphy Lacefield - Tim's Sally - Acorna Pocket Mirror with bag

Erin Keck - EK Creations - "Love Within Our Reach" mixed media necklace

Shelli Dorfe - DazeyChic - Print of your choice & a journal!

Zuda Gay Pease - Handmade Beads & Pendants - Original Polymer Sunflower Brooch

Amy Kane Smith - Amy Smith Mixed Media -

Handpainted & Stitched Card wallet (OR) a pair of earrings.

Amy Kane Smith Glass - $10 Gift Certificate

Kelly Nelson Warren - Happy Shack Designs - Glass Tile Necklace

Kim Geiser - Persimmons Gal - Original ACEO & A Pair of Earrings

Julia Jewels White - Jewels Dolls - Handmade Christmas Doll

Jodi Marie Foster - 3 Art Dolls Kit
(plastic carry case included, 3 fabric doll forms with materials for embellishing (feathers, beads, face cabs, fibers)

EBSQ - Self Representing Artists - One FREE month of membership!

& Me! - MazerDesign - Original Little Whimsie of your Choice (I have 3 originals left!)

Please be sure to visit these wonderful artist's websites and say hi!

I will announce the 15 winners on my birthday (Oct. 9th)!!

Here's the rules:

1. Add a comment on my blog (this post) to enter (that's not hard right?)

2. Tell me what the best birthday gift you ever received was!

3. If you want bonus points add a link on your blog (tell me about it) about this giveaway and you'll get your name entered 2 more times!

Good luck to all who enter and thanks for playing!! Feel free to pass this along to others as well! OK now go do something nice for someone! :)



  1. happy birthday!!!! this is too fun :-)

  2. Happy early Birthday Aimee!

    I'd have to say my favorite birthday present was my engagement ring. Jamie gave it to me for my 22nd birthday when I was living in Italy.

    What is yours? ;)

  3. happy b-day!! My best birthday gift was when I was 6 and I got a cinderella watch!! I added a blurp and link on my blog.

  4. Happy Birthday! I am so glad to be a part of this! Luv ya!


  5. Happy Birthday Aimée!!
    This is my first time to your blog from the Project 52 Blog, an I think this is a cool idea!
    My Favorite Bday gift would have to be when I spent my birthday with someone I loved. Evry birthday Ive shared with someone really close has been the best gifts ever, because a memory truly lasts!
    My blog is here and I would love to have you over sometime to vist.
    Hope your birthday ends up being everything you wished for and filled with all the people near and dear to you!!

  6. Love this idea! My birthday is coming up, too. My fave present was my dog. I adopted him from the HS for my birthday 7 years ago this year! I'm linking you on my blog tomorrow morning. :) Happy Birthday and way to go on generosity!

  7. Happy Birthday Aimee

    Ive had so many good birthdays,i cant remember the best one lol.


  8. sending you birthday **hugs **

    my best birthday gift,,, well I have had loads, but I would say when I got a heart shaped locket from my middle son, I had always wanted a locket that opened :)

  9. Thanks for such a cool contest! Happy Birthday and many more!

    My best birthday gift was attending the Golden Globe awards on the red carpet seats - watching all the stars arrive. I got great pics and some autographs too. When we got back to the room afterwards in the Beverly Hilton Hotel - there was a chocolate gift bag waiting.

  10. Happy Birthday Aimee,this a really nice thing your doing,i hope you have a wonderful birthday,my best gift was my first chihuahua puppy 11 years ago,i will try to link

  11. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!!

    The best birthday gift I've ever received? They've all been special in one way or another, but the one that comes to mind, right this minute, is a great red purse/bag I received from a friend...not just because I love red, but because it was such a surprise to receive a gift from someone I didn't even know had realized it was my birthday.

  12. Happy Birthday Aimee!What a cool idea you have come up with!
    My best birthday present was a road trip to Galena Illinois on my 40th birthday,with the man would end up to be my husband and another couple.....
    (((Birthday Hugs))))Becky

  13. WOW you guys are all making this awesome! Thank you!!!

    Artbylmr - that would be soooo amazing!

  14. hi Aimee,
    believe it or not, I was super excited to turn 40 (I'm 46).
    hmmm favorite birthday gift? Broadway Tickets from my sweetie.

    I'm off now to blog about your birthday giveaway!! Great idea.

  15. Looks great Aimee! Happy Birthday week! I'd love to win one of YOUR paintings! :-)

    My favorite birthday present...probably the rocks that my girls painted for me last year. They both say, "Mom, you rock!" :-)

    I'll put this on my blog too.

  16. my favorite birthday gift was when I turned 18 and my dad sent me to visit relatives in puerto rico for two weeks of just fun and relaxation - i had the best time~!~

  17. Happy Special Day, Aimee.
    You have some very generous, creative friends.

    One of my best b'day presents was a big fluffy terry cloth robe from my husband. I first became a lover of terry cloth robes on an Alaskan cruise so when I put mine on when I get out of the shower in the morning, for five minutes I pretend like I'm on vacation

  18. Happy Birthday Aimee!

    My best birthday gift was a Tiffany-style lamp that my husband (Harry) gave me. The shade was hand painted on the inside. The beauty of it was that I had seen it in a shop months before my birthday & just commented on how lovely it was. He remembered that all those months later & bought it for me! He's always been like that with gifts, which makes his gifts (& him) so special!

    Have a truly wonderful birthday!


  19. Happy Birthday!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate with the crafty blog community!
    big hugs

  20. One of my favorite birthday gifts was my mother's old jewelry box. My dad had bought it for her when they were first married almost 40 years earlier. It is a beautiful black enamel with inlaid abalone and Japanese artwork. I have seen replicas of the style in shops, but none are as lovely or as meaningful as this one.

  21. Happy birthday Aimée! Love your giveaway. My best birthday gift was this quirky, creative little compact mirror which had a pewter back design with the words creative soul on it! My husband gave it to me and I adore it.

  22. Hi Aimee!
    Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Hope you are feeling MUCH, MUCH better. I guess I would say my best birthday present is the family unity to celebrate my birthday! How can anything beat having your family together to share a nice meal together and to be together for something fun and special? I have many "things" I received which I liked, enjoyed, and could use has always outbeat any one of them!
    I am posting a link to this on my facebook! Again, happy birthday!
    Donna Paton

  23. Hope you have a great birthday!! What great donations you have for your giveaway! I would have to say all of my birthdays growing up were really great... my mom always make us special cakes for our birthday! :)

  24. Happy B-day, Aimee!!!! My best b-day gift is the awesome Espresso Machine I just got from Italy!!!

  25. What a beautiful assortment of gifts you have for your giveaway! Wishing you a ♫Happy Birthday!♫

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Aimee...and HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY to the rest of us! My very favorite birthday gift was a surprise visit from my son when he returned from Iraq. WORST birthday gift was a Wylie Coyote bath towel from my 1st husband.

  27. ....and I posted on my blog, too!

  28. Happy Birthday!
    My best birthday gift was my cat, Kenzy, whom I got this past year! His name is Egyptian meaning "my treasure" and that he is... the best treasure I've ever gotten for a birthday!

  29. I just finished adding an entry in my blog about your giveaway for extra entries to your give away--my link is below!!!

    thanks for being so generous

  30. Happy Birthday! What a great give away! I think the best birthday present I have ever received was a 4 day visit to a spa with my mom. :)

  31. A big happy birthday to you...I do like to have at least a weeks celebration as well! Fav birthday gift....probably a diamond ring...oh okay it was an engagement ring...but it was on my birthday...

  32. Hey Chica! Happy b-day and what a great idea.

    My favorite b-day gift has been a trip to Spain 2 years ago. Traveling...

    My blogs (although its hard to keep up with them)

  33. happy birthday to you! :)

    My best birthday present... hm. you know, I can't think of one - I'm big on just being able to spend time with family and friends lately (my birthday was just a few days ago ... sept 26). although one of the best presents I gave myself was a session of playing with dolphins at sea world!

    I also put it on my blog at :)

  34. Happy early Birthday Aimee!

    I would have to say it was the suprise birthday party for my 40th. All the planning and work involved was very special.

  35. Happy Birthday, You have such a generous spirit. Many more blessings to you.
    Barb Banker

  36. Ohhh, happy birthday! I had a birthday this week as well and am doing a give away too. It's nice to share with others when its our special day. May your day be filled with fun, family, food and art.

    Favorite birthday gift... Art supplies are always my favorite gifts to receive, or gift certificates FOR art supplies. lol

  37. Yes please. Would love to be entered. My favorite birthday gift was a giant surprise party for my 30th from my friends and family. I had never had a surprise party before and it was wonderful!! That was the best gift of all - having them there!!


  38. Birthdays rock! I hope yours is great with a blessed year ahead.My favorite present was my Raggedy Ann Doll I got when I was 6 I still have it Im 44 and its the oldest possesion I have. (well thats was mine)

  39. Happy Birthday Aimee, and thanks for such a fabulous giveaway. I love all the gifts.
    My fave birthday would be my 40th - I had a 'purple' party and it was a lot of fun, with everyone dressed up.
    Have a great day. My fingers are crossed to win one of these wonderful prizes. xo

  40. happy favorite bday present was a very special dinner by the sea in south carolina...i remember it well...i am mentioning you on my blog too...and twitter...hugs, r

  41. I can't decide if my best birthday gift was when I was 6 and I had my one and only childhood birthday party, I remember someone gave me a box full of pennies. I thought I was tremendously rich, or the birthday where 4 days later my first-born baby boy was born. That was a wonderful April!

  42. Oh...and a very HAPPY birthday to you! Thirty six is fabulous girl, you're just hitting your stride. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful ride called life!

  43. Happy Birthday Aimee! I hope your day is full of inspiration and creativity!

    The best birthday present I ever received was the gift of being bodily dragged to a Chuckie Cheese by my sisters, and having the "rat" come out and sing happy birthday to me. He also announced (over the loud speaker) my name and age. I was mortified.

    Then there was the time my sisters took me to Olive Garden and the waitress bestowed upon me a coffee filter hat. Again. Why ME?!?!

    Both memories will (haunt) be with me forever! My sisters are the best!



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