Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Hi all!

Hope you're well, we're surviving here in broken leg land with Lo. Today starts week 3 of her being in a spica cast, not fun at all. We're finding new and fun things to stay busy. She and I did art together this morning but when she wanted to stop I wanted to keep going! :) She's going to have so much art from this 6 week period of being this cast, it's great!!

Anyways just wanted to let you know about a few new listings I have in my shops. I was recently challenged by my friend Christian to do more ethnic art. She told me that most of my art had white chics in them and I couldn't agree with her more. Never really thought about it. Didn't mean to offend by that just never crossed my mind. So I took her up on her challenged and decided to give it a shot! Well this first image was my first attempt! I like how she turned out!! What do you think? My friend Nancy Hunt-Bartek who some of you other artists might know helped me with a name because I was clueless! She came up with the name "She Is" which fits perfectly. I was thinking of calling it "Just Be" but that didn't fit as well. She exudes a quiet confidence and strength about her. I hope to do more paintings just like this! I have prints in both my ArtFire and Etsy shop and the original is listed here.

This next piece is more collagy (if that's a word) and also has an ethnic look to it. I called it "Embrace Your Dreams". I heavily layered it and it has lots of texture because of it. Also prints in both shops and original in my Etsy shop just listed today!

Here's another fun project I just did today. I ordered these adorable muslin bags on Etsy and they just came in yesterday! I already need more to play with!! I plan on selling them individually. They make great little sachet pouches, iPod holder, cell phone holder, candy holder you name it, anything that fits! My nice Canon Rebel just went kaput on me last night so I might just take photos with my iPhone and list them each. I was looking for something fun and quick to create that was different. I'm venturing into the world of sewing as well and may create some art pillows. We'll see. UPDATE: I have 5 bags listed right now!! Will list the other 5 later.

Last but not least is a painting I created for an upcoming show here next month called "For the birds". If this doesn't sell at the show then I am going to list it in one of my shops in October. I call it "Blackbird Paradise" the print is listed in both shops. "8 x 10".

Also wanted to let you know that I am now creating videos with my new phone and will upload them to youtube. My username is creativeflutter if you would like to subscribe. I may not always post the vids on here but they will be there.

Well that's about it! TTFN!!

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