Sunday, August 16, 2009

Art in the Midst of it all.

"The Garden Calls"

This is my newest piece of mixed media. It has layers of tissue paper with flowers in the background, flower and button as well as the sketch/painting of the woman. There is a quote that runs down the piece that says: "Some people like to make a little garden out of life & walk down a path" - Jean Anouth

Size is 8" x 10" on a gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted green and have whimsical white and blue flowers on all sides. I decided to try a new technique of sketching with a sketch and wash pencil then seal it and add color to it. Love how soft the effect was. No harsh colors or lines in this piece. I've listed it on ArtFire need to try and get sales up on that site.

She's pensive and that came of out the type of week I've had. My daughter broke her femur and is in an immobilizing cast for 6 weeks, both legs, hips and belly and she's 2.5. Been a hard week but the art turned out beautiful. Out of ashes come beauty.


  1. This is really lovely.
    Hope you guys are getting some rest.

  2. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!


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