Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time to Clear Out!!!

Hi all!!

I've been cleaning out my studio the last few days and it's a disaster zone!!! I should have those yellow warning strips all over the place. Caution look out for falling art! The good thing is I have found things that have been missing for forever, things I have forgotten about and more. I am starting to see my desk which means more room for more art. I've put purchased art up on the wall where it should be finally and will post a photo when my studio becomes clean again.

Speaking of art, I have listed 4 originals on ArtFire and 4 originals on Etsy. We'll see which sells faster! I need to get rid of these pieces, I have no more room in my bulging studio. If you see something you like please TWEET it or pass it on to someone else I would like to clear things out.

Here's what was listed in my ArtFire Shop:

Swirlyville Flowers

She Discovered What Was Inside

Stand Out In Your Field

Here's what was listed in my Etsy shop:

Everything A Girl Could Want
Among the Blossoms
Chocolate Chip Bouquet
In the Land of Good and Plenty

PHEW!! That was exhausting!

And ....

since some of you haven't seen her in awhile ... here's Miss Lorelei modeling for me! She's getting so big and so fun! Thought you might like to see her.

Thanks for stopping by!


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