Monday, May 4, 2009

2 More Little Ones

Got busy last night creating and it felt good. I think my creativity is going to help get me through this rough time. I'm so thankful for this gift from God.

Out of the Blue (pictured above)
I made molds of these flowers out of vintage pins, buttons and beads so I can recreate them at any time!! I may do a series of these with limited color schemes. It was so much fun!! I melted UTEE in my melting pot and poured them into the molds!! So much fun and a whole new world to explore!!! This is a 5 x 5 piece and has water color crayons, acrylics, UTEE flowers, silver marker and oil marker. This is now listed on ArtFire.

A Little French
I started this piece a few weeks ago and never finished it until last night. I like how it turned out. I used a light molding pasted for the Fleur de Lis and stamped in the image from a foam stamp I have. It has lots of nice texture to it. It's now listed on Etsy.


Off to get my daughter to her 2 year check up, fun fun!

Thank you to all who responded to my blog yesterday. Reading everyone's heartfelt comments made my day a bit easier. This is a rough time and I know she will no longer be in pain so that eases it a bit but I'm sure going to miss my Nana. I'm working on another tattoo in memory of her. It will probably include a cardinal, a strawberry and some lily of the valley flowers. All her favorites. I'll keep you posted on that.




  1. Hello Aimee, I just discovered your blog and have been busy reading to catch up. I love your work and your blog posts. Sorry to hear about your Nana....I lost my Granny not long ago and I think she and your Nana were "cut from the same cloth"! I'll drop you an email too....thanks for sharing.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I've followed you on Twitter for some time now, and this one is going to get a Tweet-boost. Stay tuned!


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