Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just relisted!

Organica was displayed at the local arts council through the New Year but now she's hanging in my living room!! She has been relisted on Etsy for your buying pleasure!

Any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

Hope you're all having a great New Year so far!

On another note I'm having my Inspiranza Designs open house this Friday! I'm soooo nervous yet excited at the same time! Wish me lots of luck or blessings in this new venture! If anyone wants to join my team just contact me! I'd love to have you!



  1. What a wonderful painting! I love the movement you were able to create in the background.

    Lots of luck on your new venture! I look forward to hearing your progress.

  2. great, i love it!!!!
    sandra from switzerland


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