Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cake face!

I can't believe this but my baby girl turned 2 this last weekend! Yes, Sunday the 18th was her birthday. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with a really small party with close kiddo friends and family. It was Finding Nemo themed and she was thrilled! I'm still in shock we've reached the "terrible twos". I pray that this year goes smoothly. She's totally coming into her personality even more than ever. Poor baby ended up getting sick the night of her birthday and is just now getting better.

I'm so blessed to be her mama. She's starting to get really clingy with me which is draining at times but this is the first time she's ever been that way, she's usually so independent. I love that she wants to cuddle with me nightly now and she gives me random hugs and says, "I love you Mama." I LOVE my little girl and I can't wait to see what this year brings for her! She's my little buddy and I love being around her!

OK I'll stop being a sap!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lolo Bear!!! I love you!!



  1. How sweet is she!!! Honey will you stop by my blog HeLives for a little award I got and am now passing on to those who show great attitude and gratitude!!! (((hugs)))

  2. hey!!

    that is a sweet little girl if ever i saw one!!

    glad she enjoyed her birthday even if she got sick after, :-)!

    for the first time i threw a few pics of my journasl pages up on my blog!! this is a nerve wracking experience for me! if you could manage the time to swing by and have a peek and if you ever have the time to leave a comment that would be fantastic!! its very hard to break into this very closeknit blog circle!!

    Thank you in advance!


  3. thank you so much! i am an irish girl to the bone, literally, im a farmers daughter, and grew p around horeses, dogs, sheep, cows, and all the shooting birds!!

    thank you for you comments about my pages, dont consder them that good but no does about there own pages do they!!

    keep in touch?

    Hannah Rose


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