Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Giveaway!!!

Hi all!

As some of you know this Thursday is my 35th birthday, (can we all say woo hoo, without enthusiasm?) I'm not looking forward to turning 35 but you all can look forward to some freebies! YES that's right FREEBIES! I'm giving away things, some are mine to give, others are donated from some wonderful Etsy shops and friends. Here's a sneak peek list to name a few:

Cinnamon & Honey - Handmade Card
The Wild Gypsy - ACEO Print
Hesperion Designs - Necklace
Twisted Figures - Original Art
MazerDesign (me!) A few things, earrings, original art, prints, bar of soap
Papergirlproductions (NEW!) - Premade Halloween Banner
Sunbasilgarden (NEW!) - Bar of Candy Cane Soap

and maybe a few more. Please be sure to visit these wonderful shops and say hi!

My hope is to have everything in by Wednesday or Thursday and have the giveaway between Friday and Saturday. I will announce the winners on Sunday!

Here's the rules:

1. Add a comment on my blog (this post) to enter (that's not hard right?)

2. Tell me which shop you want to win something from

3. If you want bonus points add a link on your blog about this giveaway and you'll get your name entered 3 more times!

Good luck to all who enter!!!!! You'll love the prizes!!! I may post a sneak peek of the items in my flickr account not sure yet! Thanks for entering!

**ANYONE qualifies** international or not! ;)



  1. Hi Aimee - Happy Birthday for Thursday! Cute idea about giveaways. I would love to win something from Hesperion Designs - her stuff is beautiful! Always love your stuff too :)

  2. I want something from all of them!! I like Mazer Design best of all, of course!I'm going to have to blog this!

  3. I blogged you here!

  4. oh my goodness, of course I am entering! I wish I could enter into two stores! I think I will just go buy some stuff from Cinnamon & Honey and enter into yours :) (and then when I get more money, buy more from you too!)

    Also - blogged about this!

    and happy birthday to you! (a touch early). I truly enjoy following you on etsy/twitter!


  5. I love all these shops...i choose yours :)

    Anyway i write about this giveaway in my blog...(but in italian :P)

    Happy birthday to you!

  6. Happy Birthday to you, and I love your stuff the best.


  7. Hi, Aimée, I just found out about your blog from Robin at Cinnamon and Honey. Happy birthday.

    If I win I'd like something from her shop.


  8. I just posted a link to your blog on mine.

  9. Hi Aimee! I have to say that MazerDesign is my ultimate favorite. I love all of your work but these have always caught my eye...I sure hope I win! hehe. Happy Birthday sweetie. I am going to post a link to your blog from mine now that I know you have one. Toodles!

  10. My name is also Aimee and I really like your stuff. I choose MazerDesign. By the way, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday a week from Thursday. Hope yours is totally terrific!

  11. Hi Aimee ..... A big happy Birthday wish for you, hope it's a special one. Love all the shops you're featuring. Wild Gypsy is great, would love some wide eyed, girl art.


  12. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love the cards at Cinnamon and Honey :)

    I've blogged!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  13. Happy Birthday Aimee, don't worry about 35, really ,this birthday I have started to go backwards so in 9 years I will be 35 too!!
    Love the giveaway- I have linked you on my blog-done a post especially!!!
    My fav shop would be yours or twisted figures, heres keeping my fingers crossed xx

  14. Happy Birthday to you - you are a spring chicken :)
    I love "Twisted Figures" - well they are all gorgeous, but you said to pick one!
    I also blogged :)
    Sending 'winning' vibes out to the universe......... xo

  15. You know I love YOUR stuff! Happy Birthday...and if I DON'T know when MY Birthday is!!! LOL!!!!!

  16. Aimee, as it turns out, Thursday is my birthday, too, only I'm a bit, quite a bit older than you. I don't understand that because I'm also older than my children now who are 31 and 29. Hmmmmm. This looks fun. I like Robin's store. She has some great items in there. I have to check out the others before I make up my mind completely! bbl

  17. Happy Birthday! I'd love to be entered to win anything, but if your really gonna make me pick I'll go with the CinnamonandHoney Etsy shop because the cards there are super cute. Thanks

  18. Happy Happy Birthday! I love your Swirlyville tree print! That style would look so cheerful in a child's room. So I would pick your store.

  19. Happy Birthday!!! How sweet of you to offer us a birthday gift! I love your stuff, but I am very torn between your shop and Hesperion Designs. If I win, you pick :)

  20. Well first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I just had mine a little bit ago and whee, aint it fun?!! lol!!

    May I enter if I am from Canada? This is a fun giveway!! I am torn, must I choose?! Because I can't!! I love everyone's work!! xo

  21. Happy Birthday! Everything is so wonderful and I'm torn between Hesperion Designs and The Wild Gypsy. Thanks for having the fun birthday party!

  22. Happy early birthday Aimee! Since 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20 then you must be about 25, right? I would love to win something from your store or Hespirion Designs. I don't have a blog but I have a totsite:


  23. Hello Aimee,
    I'm visiting from Robin's place and, with the least amount of enthusiasm, I wish you a Happy Birthday. (*yawn*)
    This is a wonderful giveaway!
    I would truly enjoy something from any one of these talented people. If I win, I would like to have something from Cinnamon & Honey.

  24. Ooooo La LA! Happy Birthday! I'm visiting from Cinn & Honey and absolutely delited to see everyone's wonderful creations! If picked I'd love to have something from Cinn & Honey. Good Luck picking a winner~ Blarney

  25. Hi Aimee!
    I've been following you on Twitter for some time now...and stalking your Etsy shop! lol I would LOVE to win something from YOUR shop. It's fab! I love your birdies!


    Happy Birthday!

  26. Happy Birthday! Thursday is my hubby's birthday, too.

    I love the twisted figures, and the cute cards at cinnamon and Honey.


  27. Happy Birthday, Aimee! Hey, the birthdays get better each and every year! Don't fret, you won't regret! LOL! Hope this birthday brings you a year of happiness and joy. My best wishes to you.
    I will be posting your link on my page and I hope to win from your shop! Keep up the great work and good luck, happy birthday and many, many more! My love to you!

  28. Hi Aimee! Happy Birthday!
    How nice of you to spread some birthday love to others! My birthday is coming up soon too (Sunday) and I think I will be celebrating with a cheesecake and lots of lazying around! =D
    I found your blog through Paper Girl Productions, and am glad I did as your blog is delighful.
    The options are simply fantastic and if I really need to choose, I would pick your store or Paper Girl Productions.

    Thanks Aimee! And have a wonderful day =)

    PS: I'm international - I hope I still qualify? *crosses fingers* =)

  29. Happy Birthday, Aimee! Hey, the birthdays get better each and every year! Don't fret, you won't regret! LOL! Hope this birthday brings you a year of happiness and joy. My best wishes to you.
    I will be posting your link on my page and I hope to win from your shop! Keep up the great work and good luck, happy birthday and many, many more! My love to you!
    Donna Paton

  30. WOW! Do I feel the love!! Thanks all! Yes international entries qualify!

    Love you all and good luck!!

    The birthday girl!

  31. I want in on the giveaway! Happy Birthday to YOU!!! If I win I would like something from Your shop .. ***Mazer dESIGN*** I would link to you but since I have started my blog I dont keep up on it :( Just stiking my toes in so to speak

  32. Happy Birthday! I'm looking for a cute print for my daughter's room. I'd love something from your Etsy Shop. Stand Out, Blushing Lovebirds, Swirly Tree- they're all just so sweet.

  33. Pretty in Pink Bear Cupcake Plush Doll Stuff Toy Felt Plushie from Papergirlproductions is my favorite...but I love the creativity and positive energy found in all of these wonderful shops.


  34. happy Birthday!
    I never win anything....But would love to win something from twisted figures!
    Wow what an awesome blog!!1
    Thanks for sharing!!

  35. Happy Birthday! Another Libra just like me! I would love to win that Big Cupcake card from CinnamonandHoney since I'm so in love with cupcakes especially the ones I make since I can't gain weight from them. ;) haha

  36. Hey Aimee!!
    It's SO hard to choose, but I think I'd like to win something from The Wild Gypsy!!

    I'll link ya on my blog too!

  37. Katie & AubreyOctober 8, 2008 at 12:08 AM

    What a great idea, Aimee, gifts for other people on your birthday! And I think you have a typo above - you can't be more than, what, 23 or so? Besides, once you have kids, they get older, but we never do. :)

    I'd love to win one of those adorable dolls from papergirl - I can see Aubrey loving one of them!

  38. Happy Birthday Aimee! 35 is a piece of cake...savor it. Oh and please enter my name in your birthday hat.
    xo suze

  39. Happy Birthday Aimee! Thanks for sharing your b-day giveaway on twitter. I hope to win just about anything. Everyone's artwork is just awesome!


  40. Happy Birthday to you and to me too (unfortunately),my birthday is the 16th, I know how you feel, do you know what is even sadder, I thought I was turning 33 until my lovely husband reminded me that I was 34, so I feel robbed of one year. Thats sad, they say you are getting old when you forget how old you are...hahaha
    I love the twisted figures, hope in return someone spoils you for your birthday...have as good one

  41. happy b-day to you and yes i love to come to your brith day giveaway thanks

  42. I would love to win something from Hesperion Designs.


    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  43. I would be honoured to win one of them :D

    I prefer TwistedFigured (even if all are sooo awsome !)

    Have a shiny birthday :D


  44. Happy Birthday to you Aimee! 35 is not so bad:D
    KInd of you to have a giveaway.
    CupcakeDD sent me this way.
    I would love something from twisted figures.

  45. happy birthday! i would love anything from papergirl productions! she has cute cute stuff! thanks for the fun giveaway! kristen


  46. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you do something fun for yourself, not just for us! I like the jewlery from Hesperion. Would be a great gift for my mother in law.

    michelleharrod at hotmail dot com

  47. Happy Birthday Aimee! I'd love to win something from Twisted Figures. Have a great day!


  48. Happy *almost* Birthday, Aimée! How supercool of you to give US gifts on your special day! Of course I would love to win something from every shop, but most especially from Sunbasilgarden b/c I loooooooooooooooove candy canes!

    Much love,
    jen. & aggie
    eavesdrop @ etsy

  49. Happy Birthday Aimee! I would love to win one of twisted structures pics! Love your blog...
    Happy day,

  50. Hey Aimee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would love to join the celebration. I went and visited everyone in your list but I would love to win something from Hesperion Designs ;) I'm crossing my fingers and toes now! Btw, I hopped on over here from Cinnamon and Honey's blog.

  51. Yay Aimee -- Happy Birthday!!!

    Love Twitter Figures but now seeing the other artists I love them too!!! Blogged you on my new blog

  52. Happy birthday sweetie!!!! What a fabulous giveaway!!! all the goodies look wonderful, but I'd love to win something from you (of course) or Shonna. Hope you have a fantastic day!!!!!! xoxoxo

    Love ya!

  53. Hi Aimee~
    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you do something special to celebrate your special day! I was 35's a great time!
    I found your blog through SuziBlu's class (that I am way behind on!)
    I would love to win something from
    everyone (their work is just great!) but if I had to pick one it would be
    Mazer designs. I love your Frida collage!
    I'm linking you from my blog too!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Fun!

  54. HAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY Aimee! Hope you're having a fabulously fun day!
    :) Robin

  55. Happy birthday to you!!!!!! Thanks for the present to us on your day seems a little backwards so here is a BIG cyber happy birthday hug okay? ;)

    I love the stuff from papergirlproductions seems like it fits my house the most ;)

    ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

  56. Me! Me! Is it too late to enter?

    And happy birthday! On the day itself.

    I'm 36, so I kinda understand. :)

    And I want to win something from _you_.

    I'm gonna go link from my blog right now!


  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Happy Birthday!

    from one of your fellow Suzi Blu Students!

    Sacred Yoli

  59. Happy Birthday! Happy to have found you by accident! You and I are nearly the same age. I turn 35 in Feb. Strange to be mid-thirties, huh? I still feel like I should be 20 until I see my crowsfeet in the mirror!
    I would like to add your blog to my 'blogroll' if you don't mind. LOVE your work. Oh, and I have no preference in artists for the giveaway. I love art and will take anything!

  60. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day. My 35th is at the end of the year, I need to think of what to do for that one.... ;)

    Oh, and if I'm not too late: I love TwistedFigures!

  61. HAPPY Birthday and thanks for the awesome giveaway! All the stores are great but I think I would pick something from Hesperion Designs :)

  62. Happy Birthday!!!! And what great giveaway you are doing!!! so many awesome things and wonderful shops! it was hard picking one, but i think i would pick MazerDesign (hee hee :) ) love your stuff!

    good luck to everyone! :)



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