Thursday, August 28, 2008

Private Blog Auction

Thought I'd give this a go, need to make room in the studio so this is my first private auction for this piece.

More about the piece: ARGGGH! This is a painting that just evolved! It was going to be something completely different but then this beautiful pirate came out from the canvas. She must have a message for someone. Dead men tell no tales but maybe women do! ;) She lost her eye in a vicious battle but was victorious and still drop dead gorgeous! Let her beauty grace your space or place and be the topic of lots of conversations! This beauty is a combo of mediums, it has vintage ephemera underneath all the layers and you can still see the postcard and stamp if you look closely in her neck, it was from 1910. There is also light molding paste in the background. This painting has lots of cool texture as well. The sides are painted black so it's good to go right on your wall.

Painting has been sprayed with an archival spray to keep colors looking their best for years to come. This painting is 20" x 16" and will come with a (COA) certificate of authenticity signed by me.

From now until Monday, Sept. 1st (LABOR DAY), I will take your bids for this original, The Beautiful Pirate. Bidding starts at $50.

Please send your highest bid offer to me at

On Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, I will announce the winner.


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