Friday, June 13, 2008

Why when you try to make your life easier it gets harder?????

UGH!!! That's what I felt like today! I LOVE being a WAHM (work at home mom) for those of you who don't know that term. I LOVE being able to spend time with my daughter and watch her grow.

What I DON'T love is not being able to just get up and go without having to pack everything but the kitchen sink before I even get into the car. This is what brings me to my point.

I am trying to make things simpler for me around here. I don't have the time to make multiple or even 1 trip to the post office with Lo, when I need to go or am ready to go she's usually napping so I usually wait until my husband J gets home. So I sent away for the biz kit from the post office to make my life a little easier. If I could print labels from home on my Mac and just place those precious packages outside on my door step the magical mail man will just whisk them away and I can continue on my day, right?

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo utterly pissed today at my stupid mailman, I so lovingly put together a Father's Day gift for my FIL in Florida and it was going to be late by like a day but still that's not the point. Anyhoo, I was all excited thinking I had it all set up. I spent awhile yesterday downloading the right software, purchasing the labels and such and I was sooo proud and excited that my life was about to get simpler. Well I hear the mail man drop the mail in my box then the door bell rang, I was on the phone. By the time I got to the door which was about a minute if that I noticed he was at the end of my driveway. I looked down and the darn box was still there!!!! UGH!!! What's the point of ringing my doorbell if you're going to walk away! HELLOOO!!!!! So I sat fuming about it most of the day. Which .....

Got me thinking how I'm sooo annoyed with the fact that my life isn't easy anymore!! Don't get me wrong, I'm completely and madly in love with my daughter Lorelei, it's just all the other stuff that comes along with being a parent, for instance my completely trashed house! I feel like I'm treading water people!!!!!! It's a wonder I find time to create. So anyways that's my rave today and I'm still pissed at the mailman! Now I'm curious if he'll take one of my prints that needs to be mailed out.

Needless to say my sweet hubby took the box to the post office for me.


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