Friday, May 2, 2008

Little Whimsies!

Well the series is finished being painted and mix media'd together, I know that's not a word! Anyways these cuties are going to be listed a few at a time on Etsy starting today! All but one are going to be sold and there will be prints of each! They are affordable at $35 a piece for an original mixed media piece! I'm soooo excited about this series and I think you will be too! If you'd like to see more of them and their names check them out in my flickr photostream. I feel so accomplished today!!! These were all created this week!

I'm also excited because I've signed up for an All About Faces class by Paulette Insall starting in June!! I just love her art and I'm so inspired by her! We're also forming an online friendship which is so nice!!

Well that's it for now!



  1. I love this Little Whimsies series. Very cool! You are going to enjoy Paulette's face class, I'm in it now and am having great fun.

  2. Hey girl that is so great that you've already sold three of your "Little Whimsies"!!! I knew they were going to be a big hit! And you painted all those this week?????? Oh my gosh you should feel very accomplished! I'm lucky if I manage to finish one painting in a month! ;) You go girlie!! xoxo

  3. Thanks guys!!! I'm so excited and on fire right now with these!!!!

    I'm soooo excited about the class Paulette!

  4. oh your new little series is soo cool! I am such a die hard fan of mixed media! Congrats on selling some already! yay!!!

    xo shells

  5. Okay - I love your blog - I love your art...

    (your blog template is the BEST *wink*)

    I will be linkingdinkying you from mine asap!

    joy in the journey,
    "...quacks of life"

    ~psalm 46

  6. hi ... i followed you here from flickr ... you'd left a comment on one of my pics ....
    cute blog! e


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