Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tattoo update!

Well as some of you know I've been contemplating for over a year about getting a tattoo representing my daughter and for my love for her. I am THRILLED to say it hit me last night while in bed!!! She was just diagnosed with a Stills Murmur by her pediatrician the other day. It's nothing horrible or bad, nothing wrong with her heart or any cause for concern, I did some research and found out the other name for it. It is called the "musical heart", this soooo fits her!! She was dancing in my womb and has always been around music, this is the first baby I know who has had an iPod in her room since the day she was born. She dances to every type of music even in commercials, she definitely has a musical heart!! So this is the basis of my tat, I want the heart to be the main part of a body of a bird, coming from the back side of the bird will be musical bars with notes from the song "Miracle" by Celine Dion (this song is exactly how I feel about her), the notes and bars will flow into feathery swirls (tying into my love of swirls and my series Swirlyville). I want it to be soft and flowy!! I'm sooooooo excited about this and that the idea finally came to me. I tried drawing it out but the idea in my head and what's on paper aren't meshing so I'm going to go to the tattoo artists today and see if they can sketch it out for me. I'm going to put in on the inside of my left wrist, where my creativity flows from, I'm a lefty and she's my inspiration!!! So when I have the sketch I'll show ya and when I get the tatt I'll show you as well! I'm sooooooo very happy about it!!!!!


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