Friday, October 19, 2007

Illustration Friday - Grow

Today's topic for IF was "Grow", I had thought of doing something a little more obvious that included plants or flowers but then this idea hit me! My little 9 month old daughter is constantly growing like a weed and growing out of her socks, hence my little illo for today. The text at the top says, "as they family grew, so did their socks." I had to include my "Swirlyville" birds because they're so friendly and fun!!! Enjoy!


  1. this is precious and clever. i too have experienced the never-ending sock-growth replacements!

  2. This is darling! I love your play with this prompt. Such fun!

  3. really cute. children are so sweet and grow so fast, enjoy them every day!

  4. this is truly adorable, and they certainly grow up fast, enjoy and revel in every moment, all too soon they're gone!

  5. Mine is the one with the hole in it. :-)

    Great idea!

  6. A wonderful and unique way to show 'grow'. Very delightful.

  7. It doesn't get much cuter than this....oh and the birds...I just love them.


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