Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Haven't done much lately.

I had a dear friend pass away this weekend and I haven't exactly been in a creative mood since. I did do her funeral boards and a DVD of a collection of photos for the family but that's it creatively. I'm hoping to get out of my slump this weekend. We are in the middle of some major house projects as well. Our entire front yard is dug up and the dirt needs to be put back in it's original home. We had a main water line leak and had to rent a back hoe for the day to dig to find the leak, fun fun! The hard part is over so hopefully things will begin to calm down. I've also had a great friend visiting for a few weeks so I've been enjoying her company as well, she leaves tomorrow :( I'll miss her tons!!!! I'm hoping things calm down a bit, Lorelei is getting more active by the day so free time is harder to come by but I'm enjoying every minute of it! She'll be 9 mos. next week! I can't believe it!! OK that's my little blurb for now.

OH BTW, I'm having a Pampered Chef party next week and if anyone is interested I have a link that you can buy from for my show. Just email me and let me know if you want in!


Til later

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